ASO’s Official Cutest (and furriest) Subscriber

9 Apr 2019
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by Paola Niscioli
ASO’s Official Cutest (and furriest) Subscriber

We never pick favourites when it comes to our audience members. But, when it comes to regular concert attendee, Molly, who is a Royal Society for the Blind (RSB) Guide Dog, we can’t help but admit she’s our cutest. We spoke to her mum and boss, Annette, to get to know a little more about our furriest friend!

Could you tell us a little bit about Molly, our fluffiest subscriber?

Molly is a pedigree Royal Society for the Blind (RSB) Guide Dog with a love of music and the stage. She’s 6.5 years old now and we’ve been working partners for four years. Molly’s fur mum, Yolanda, was from Scotland; her dad was from New York; and his mum was from Paris. 

Molly gets excited to wear her concert ‘bling’ coats that were originally to help prevent her from being trodden on in the dark (the downside of being a black dog). She knows it means fun, music and lots of attention.

How long have you and Molly been attending ASO concerts together?

Our first concerts together were at the 2015 Adelaide Cabaret Festival including the Red Carpet Gala where she first wore her gold sequin coat.

Does Molly have a favourite composer ? What kind of music is her favourite?

Molly loves musicals – the louder the better for her, especially with lots of movement and lighting effects. Her favourite ASO concert was The Studio: 54 Reasons to Party in the Festival Theatre. Bernstein on Stage caught her interest too, as did the Latin rhythms of the Marmalade Man, and the spirited tribute to George Michael.

She has her favourite conductors – Guy Noble always engages her attention, and she took a shine to Nicholas Buc.

The intimacy of the Cocktail series of concerts appealed to her as she could see the performers very close up and she seemed calmed by the music.

Sadly, she’s not keen on opera, but, thankfully doesn’t join in – just a polite groan – and an attempt to leave at interval…

Molly is known for getting dressed up at some of the concerts! Could you share some images of her Best Dressed Looks?

A friend, also an ASO subscriber, has made most of Molly’s coats because “she can’t wear the same outfit on the red carpet twice” (although she does).

What concerts will we find you and Molly at in 2019, and what are you most looking forward to?

We have already enjoyed the Chinese New Year Concert (Molly wanted to join the lion dance) and ASO Plays James Bond. We’re looking forward to many shows this year but particularly Last Night of the Proms and Master Series 6 – Symphonic Dances.

What do the people sitting around you in concerts think of Molly?

Regular concert-goers know her well and look out for her. There is particular interest when she is joined by her RSB Guide Dog friend, Alfie, a black Labrador just like her. We have made wonderful friends at concerts because of Molly.

Do you and Molly attend other types of events together?

Molly is a proud ‘pet’ member of the Power Football Club and loves wearing her AFL jumper, crossing the bridge from the Festival Centre to games at Adelaide Oval.

She’s a seasoned domestic traveller, having clocked up 19 flights with me, five train trips on The Overland, and a tour of the Murray Princess.

Molly also ‘studied’ Italian language with me at evening classes for three years; I’m sure she remembers more of it than I do.

Unfortunately, Molly’s time at concerts is not always all tail wags and sparkly coats. Oftentimes her tail is trodden on by fellow concert-goers and, because she is trained to be silent in pain, she does not make a sound. If you happen to have a lucky seat near Molly at a concert, we ask that you please be very careful when walking around her. 

We aim to be accessible to all of our audience members. If you would like to make an enquiry about any access needs you may have, please contact the box office on 8223 6233 or at

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