5 Minutes with… W.M.N

17 Jun 2019
  • Meet the Artists
by Sharmonie Cockayne
5 Minutes with… W.M.N

We had a chat with local band W.M.N ahead of their gig at our post Winter Fire ReMastered Under 30’s event.

ASO: Tell our readers a little bit about your band… How did you all meet? What drew you together in the first place, and what keeps you together now? 

W.M.N: The band started as a duo from Sydney. Lucie (guitarist, producer, backing vox) and Dayé met in high school. Shortly after graduating Year 12, Lucie moved to Adelaide and Dayé moved to Melbourne. Whilst Lucie was in University, she met Wallis (bass player, poet) who actually was working with Ella (violinist, backing vox). After a year of living in Melbourne, Dayé decided to move over to Adelaide as the rest of the band were residing here.

It was definitely our friendship that drew us together, as well as the music of course. The four of us are extremely good friends who share the same values both in our personal and professional life. As for the music part, what we represent as a band is a culturally diverse, queer representing group. The genre that we play is electronic, acoustic and spoken word driven, which is also what keeps us together. This means that we are on the same page with fighting the same battle and wanting the same outcome. The gravity and importance of representation is huge for us and that’s why we do what we do. 

Adelaide audiences love your signature use of harmonisation and strings, two things featured pretty heavily in orchestral music too. Has that genre of music played a part in your musical lives? 

We would say that our violinist Ella is the most heavily influenced by orchestral music. She has been exposed to orchestral and choral music since day dot, and she then went on to practice classical music since age three. This genre has really been engrained in her. More so than deliberate, we think inherently this just comes out in what she brings to the band. As for the rest of the band, we are influenced by a genres ranging from RnB, Hip Hop, Acoustic and Indie. 

What’s next on the horizon for W.M.N?

We’re moving to Melbourne! On the 4th of July at The Wheaty, we play our last headline show in Adelaide for 2019. Shortly after this, we will all be making the move to Melbourne to work hard in the big city! We did a tour there for our EP last year. The reception was incredible, so we would love to see where it takes us. 

We’re planning on releasing a single in the next couple of months as well, so keep a look out for that!

ReMastered – Winter Fire
Friday 28 June, 8pm


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