Silence with your ASO – FAQ

18 Jun 2019
  • Behind the Scenes
by Ashleigh McManus
Silence with your ASO – FAQ

As this concert is a completely new concept for us, and many of you, we’ve compiled a few of the questions we’ve been asked.

Silence is everywhere but hidden. It is both peaceful and discomforting. Silence with your ASO explores this concept, where the audience is encouraged to rest on yoga mats or to sit back and relax in near darkness during the 60-minute event, to be performed without interval and without applause.

What can we expect?

Silence with your ASO is a concert that plays with both sound and silence to give the audience an experience different to our regular concerts. The concert will take place in near darkness, to help audiences enter the meditative state we’re hoping to achieve with the musical programming. You can expect to experience something very different from anything you’ve experienced with us previously.

The concert is called ‘Silence’, how literally should we take this?

With the exception of the music being played, very literally! We ask that everyone remain in complete silence throughout the concert – this includes no applause between each piece. There will be a 1 minute pause between each piece of music, to allow the music to sit with you uninterrupted. An aural pallet cleanser, if you will. Embracing silence allows you to not just listen, but hear the music being performed.

Can I bring my own yoga mat?

There is no need to bring your own yoga mat, as lululemon Athletica have very generously provided some them.

Can I take the provided mat home?

These must be returned once the concert is over, so you may not take them home with you.

I have booked a yoga mat, am I able to do yoga during the music?

Although there will not be a yoga instructor (you wouldn’t be able to see them in the dark!) you are welcome to engage in your own yoga flow. Just be very sure not to disturb the people around you who are using the concert as a meditative experience.

How do I know if I’ve booked a yoga mat or a chair?

Premium tickets are yoga mats, and A-Reserve tickets are seated.

“We’re deliberately, quite consciously, playing pieces of music in a suite, designed to embrace stillness and calmness. To prepare the audience for silence”

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