Breaking It Down with Bermuda Bay

5 Aug 2019
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  • ReMastered
by Kane Moroney
Breaking It Down with Bermuda Bay

Like a ray of sun breaking through winter clouds, Adelaide five-piece Bermuda Bay burst into your ear canals with dreamy summer-day-synth-pop goodness. We first heard them when they opened for Australian band Alpine on their July 2019 national tour and knew we had to bring them to the good folk of ReMastered. The audience was up and doing the hip-jiggle, so it made sense that they’d fit in well with the dance theme of the evening. ASO Advocate Lauren Reid reached out to bring you more about these shoop-shoop-shimmy stylers ahead of their performance at the ReMastered: Symphonic Dances post-concert event on Fri 16 Aug.

You’ve been a band since high school – what do you think the 14-year-old you’s would say if they heard the music you’re making now?

14 year old us would be definitely proud of how far we’ve come and how much our music has matured. Back then we were mostly just fooling around with playing covers, not really knowing where the band was going. Now, we can happily say that we’ve grown a lot more as a band than we could have anticipated.

What’s been your most memorable gig?

100% supporting Alpine at Rocket Bar on their national tour. We’ve all been massive fans of their music from day one and it was such a privilege to share a stage with them. On top of their amazing music, they were also super friendly in person.

Finish this sentence: You’ll like Bermuda Bay if you like ____

A decent serving of indie-pop-electronic fusion with a side of funky guitars and groovy bass lines.

Think bands like Last Dinosaurs and San Cisco.

If your songs were the soundtrack to a film or TV show, what would the plot of that film/TV show be about?

Great question! It would have to be a coming of age film where the main character has just gone through a rough breakup. As a few of our songs are about breakups, they would fit the mood perfectly.

What are your favourite Adelaide venues to play/see gigs at? And what other Adelaide artists do you enjoy watching perform?

Our favourite venues to play at would definitely have to be Rocket Bar and Jive. The vibe is always high and we’ve played many of our favourite shows there.

We love to go and watch Neon Tetra, The Empty Threats, The Montreals, and Zen Panda.

What can listeners expect from your impending EP in 2020?

Listeners can expect a change in pace, and a more mature, refined sound compared to our debut EP. Similar to our latest single Moment in Time, there’ll be lots of groove, lots of synths, and lots of fun! We’ve slowly been introducing some unreleased tunes into the live setlist, so you’ll be able to get a sneak peek of some EP material when you come see us play!

What else is on the horizon for Bermuda Bay?

We’ll be taking it pretty easy for the rest of the year while our drummer is away travelling, but you’ll be able to catch us make our debut appearance at Field Good Festival on October 5th!

Interview by Lauren Reid

Catch Bermuda Bay when they perform at the ReMastered: Symphonic Dances post-concert event on Fri 2 Aug. ReMastered is our 30 & Under social night at the symphony and includes an orchestral concert followed by a post-concert event. For more information click here.

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