20 years of partnership: KPMG and the ASO

3 Sep 2019
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by Ashleigh McManus

Words: David Sly
Photos: Supplied by KPMG

Excellence, achievement, cohesion, confidence – these winning attributes define the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and its impact on South Australia, but also identify corporate partners that stand beside the orchestra and provide it with essential support.

Strong links bind the internationally celebrated and iconic South Australian institution with prominent business leaders, such as KPMG Adelaide, and set the course for the ASO to continue its crucial role as an inclusive and inspiring force in the community. 

As a corporate supporter of the ASO since 2007, and currently a World Artist Partner, KPMG Adelaide is especially proud of its enduring partnership. The company’s commitment ensures continuation of the ASO’s outstanding achievements, being South Australia’s largest performing arts enterprise which stages more than 100 concerts each year.

“We are very proud to support an organisation that is such an important part of the fabric of Adelaide and its people,” says KPMG Adelaide Partner Mr John Evans. “We think it’s a very comfortable fit for KPMG to stand beside such a prestigious orchestra as the ASO. We are both closely aligned to the aims and prosperity of this state, and together we share the interests of the local community.”

KPMG believes there is great value in having strong, powerful brands aligned, with all parties benefitting through collaboration. For KPMG, this means more than just the satisfaction of knowing it underpins an essential SA institution; it directly connects KPMG to the ASO audience and its fraternity of like-minded corporate partners – and this provides valuable benefits.

Mr Evans says the ASO’s introduction of midweek concerts is an important addition to the orchestra’s performance program, enabling KPMG to provide more of its key clients with easy access to ASO performances. “It signals an even broader reach by the ASO into the community, while still remaining essential to its subscriber base, and that certainly provides benefits for KPMG,” says Mr Evans. “Many clients we invite to day-time concerts are hearing the orchestra perform for the first time, and this is incredibly well received. Great music is an inspiration. It adds so much to the quality of life in our society.”

KPMG is part of a significant group of 35 corporate partners that both provide and enjoy myriad interlocking benefits through their relationship with the ASO. This valued network links a highly influential Adelaide community of like minds, signaling great confidence in South Australia and providing networking opportunities that reinforce common interests and strengths. 

ASO Managing Director Mr Vincent Ciccarello says such enduring partnerships strengthen the orchestra’s pivotal role in the broad artistic ecology that makes South Australia so special.  “Corporate partnerships provide essential resources for the ASO, enabling us to engage with the entire community,” says Mr Ciccarello. “We learn a great deal about our own organisation by having partners such as KPMG. We look to them for input and advice. The exchange makes us a stronger enterprise – and I know we all benefit from working relationships that are sincere and genuine.”

Corporate partnerships form an essential part of the fabric of the ASO, facilitating its goal of reaching all sectors of the SA community. Mr Ciccarello says these collaborations send a powerful a signal, that “the ASO truly is the orchestra for us all”.


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