Mother’s Day Music

5 May 2020
  • Community
by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Mother’s Day Music

Often a particular piece of music reminds us of our favourite people or memories. We asked some of our musicians to explain which music they most connect with to celebrate Mother’s Day. From Brahms to Cindy Lauper, there’s a piece of music that will resonate with every mum.

Renae Stavely, Associate Principal Oboe

Djivan Gasparyan playing the Armenian duduk Listening to his playing makes me breathe slowly and deeply and has such a magical quality.

Julia Grenfell, Principal Piccolo

Amazing Grace is a timeless beautiful song that has meaning for me.

Lisa Gill, Flute

Brahms’ Lullaby I have forever memories of singing/humming this tune hundreds of times to both of my children while trying to settle them to sleep as babies.

Jackie Newcomb, Principal Contra Bassoon

Cindy Lauper Time After Time Firstly, it’s my favourite song ever, and secondly, I think it’s about unconditional, eternal love.

Lisa Gill, Flute

Debussy La mer because of our joint love for the beach. Both mum and I have grown up with regular beach-side holidays and one of our favourite things to do is walk our dogs at the beach.

Ewen Bramble, Associate Principal Cello

Dvořák Piano Quartet in E flat major Op. 87 I was lucky to be able to prepare and perform works like this as a youngster with mum’s coaching as she taught in my school music department. Still to this day those rehearsals and performances are some of my most memorable and important musical experiences and if I was to perform it again today nothing much would change in a musical sense.

Ann Axelby, Violin

Debussy Clair de lune is one of the pieces of music I still associate with mum as well as The Hot Canary (Paul Nero) on violin amongst jazz standards from the day. Unfortunately, she contracted a severe form of rheumatoid arthritis before I was even born and her playing became more and more difficult as she grew older. Whilst I was growing up, my mum was always listening to jazz.

Sherri Handley, Cello

Johann Strauss It is hard to think of a piece of music that exemplifies mum but I think the music of Johann Strauss brought back lovely memories for her because she and dad loved to dance.

Joshua Oates, Principal Oboe

Mussorgsky (orch.Ravel) Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks from Pictures at an Exhibition We’ve recently got chickens at home and mum loves to imitate their noises (sometimes not consciously!)

Mitchell Berick, Principal Bass Clarinet

Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night’s Dream because just like my mum it’s got a bit of everything in it but it’s also good fun.

David Sharp, Cello

Mendelssohn Symphony No. 4 Italian Exuberant, energetic and evergreen, and speaking of travel and far off places. Just like my mum.

Justin Julian, Associate Principal Viola

Einojuhani Rautavaara Cantus Arcticus My mum has always professed her love for birdsong and especially our native birdlife here in Australia. This piece incorporates pre-recorded birdsong, as well as imitating it using various instruments from the orchestra. Despite depicting sounds from the Arctic Circle, you can find a lot of warmth and freedom in it, and a sense of humility, that there is nothing more magnificent than nature.

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