My ASO Account

Manage your contact details, and mailing preferences online

You can now manage how the ASO communicates with you via your own ASO Account. Click through the links below to update your address, subscribe to eNotes or tell us what types of concerts you are interested in.

Customers can return to their ASO Account by logging in here with email address and password (as set the first time you accessed your online account).

Create / Reset my ASO Account Password:
If you have registered your email address with the ASO in the past, you may already have an ASO Account. Visit the Create / Reset my ASO Account Password page here, and enter your email address. If an ASO Account is found, you'll be sent a reset password link.

Resister for a My ASO Account:
You can create a new account at any time by visiting Register for a My ASO Account here. Your online account will be merged with any pre-existing accounts, to reduce or eliminate duplicate mailings.

Manage your My ASO Account:
Once logged in, you can manage your account preferences by visiting My ASO Preferences. Here you can choose the type of print or email you receive, plus what types of concerts you are interested in.

As always, we're standing by to assist you in anyway we can. For problems logging in, please call our Customer Service Manager on +61 8 8233 6243 during business hours for assistance.