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Wednesday, August 29, 2018 11:19am

10 interesting facts from the 2019 season


The 2019 season brochure is full to the brim with interesting music, so it goes without saying that said music comes with interesting histories and facts. We've compiled a list of some of the most fascinating tid-bits from the music and artists within our 2019 program. 

  1. Jayson Gillham, who is a young Australian artist, is performing in Beethoven: The Piano Concertos -  this will be the first time he’s ever done the complete cycle, and also the first ever live recording of all Beethoven Piano Concertos by ABC Classic FM.
  2. Sibelius, who wrote the Violin Concerto which will be performed at Classics Unwrapped 1: Food Glorious Food, wanted to be a violinist himself, but then concentrated on composing instead.
  3. Wagner composed Die Feen, Overture, which the ASO will perform at Master Series 10: Magical Tchaikovsky, when he was just 20 years old. Wagner himself conducted the Overture, but the entire opera was never performed in his lifetime.

  4. ASO's Artist-in-Association, Pinchas Zukerman, has performed with legends such as Jacqueline Du Pre, Zubin Metha, Itzak Perlman.

  5. Schumann's Violin Concerto (31) was composed just before Schuman became mentally ill. It did not premiere until almost 100 years after its composition because it was considered unplayable by its dedicatee, Joseph Joachim and wife Clara. It will be performed at Master Series 8: New Worlds.

  6. Pianist, Stephen Hough, who will perform at Master Series 7: Idyllic Visions, is considered one of the greatest living pianists. Hough uncovered a mistake in Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1, 138 years after the work was finished. After looking at the manuscript online in the Berlin Staatsbibliothek, Hough noticed a 'wrong note' F had been changed to a B flat in blue pencil. Before seeing the manuscript, he had cited a number of reasons for wanting to change the note in the score.

  7. Chairman Dances by John Adams is a depiction of Chairman Mao dancing with his wife Chiang Ch'ing. The piece will be performed at Master Series 6: Symphonic Dances.

  8. Stephen Layton, who is Conductor for Master Series 2: St John's Passion, has two Gramophone Awards (and a further ten nominations), five Grammy nominations.

  9. The last work Mozart composed before his death at age 35 was Clarinet Concerto, and, surprisingly, the instrument had not been invented long before. Andreas Ottensamer will be performing it at Master Series 3: Fond Farewells.
  10. Mahler's Symphony No. 9 was Mahler's last completed score and is said to be his farewell to life. It will also be performed at Master Series 3: Fond Farewells.

How many of those facts did you know? Test your friends and family to see just how much they know about the music they love.

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