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Wednesday, January 09, 2019 3:05pm

12 Looks to Impress at ReMastered


It’s just around the corner – our ReMastered Season Opening Gala event. In the celebratory spirit of the occasion we’re encouraging you to dress to impress, so have compiled a few of our favourite ReMastered looks from over the years to help inspire your wardrobe for a night at the symphony.

Dress to impress, and you never know where the night may take you...


Photo: Baxter Wiles

1. We love the touch of sparkle here. An elegant little number perfectly appropriate for a night at ReMastered. A bold red nail also nicely paired with a red lippy.

Photo: Baxter Wiles

2. What’s going on here for both girls is simple elegance. Loving the yellow skirt, and the open shoulder top on the right. A simple, stylish white watch tops the look off. On the left, a unique cut on the black top, with a hint of pin-stripe white pant below. We're getting an air of confidence from these two.

Photo: Baxter Wiles

3. Both girls in this photo are embracing a little classic black and white. We're enjoying the print and billowing sleeve on the left, and on the right the cream blazer on black top ties together nicely with a set of sparkling earrings and simple gold chain handbag.

4. Don’t be afraid of a big earring, here nicely paired with a grey overcoat and plunging v-neckline. For the gentlemen a classic white shirt with an open top button and dark blazer can’t really go amiss.

5. Like we just said said, the classic white shirt (open top button) and dark blazer combo is a winner - it says "classy cool". We love the pairing with the tan pant. On the right, a brazen blast of red is a total win – also loving the broad collared shirt and bowtie combo paired nicely with pearl earrings.

6. Gentlemen, you’ve met your match. This light grey blazer and white shirt combo is a winner. A navy pant, and black slimline belt tie this together perfectly.

7. This is so FUN! We adore the bold pink shirt and speckled light blazer. The floral pattern bowtie and hint of a matching pocket square are a nice playful touch. One look at this well dressed gentleman and you get a sense of his personality – winning! This initiative is highly encouraged. On the right we’ve got a beautiful black number with a relaxed neckline – simple yet stunning.

8. On the left, a lovely floral number in an elegant and flattering cut, nicely paired with a subtle bling with the neck pendant. On the right we have a modern, sophisticated ensemble perfectly polished with a pair of beautiful earrings. Let's not forget to note the coat over the arm to complete the outfit.

Photo: Jessica Clark

9. We love an over-the-shoulder coat. It’s classy, it’s elegant and it simply looks great! More please.

Photos: Jessica Clark

10. We can't get enough of the red going on here. Red earrings, red top and accessorised with a red handbag and matching lippy. The bottom is a nice flowing pleated full-length skirt in black. It’s a winner!

Photos: Daniel Marks

11. Like we said, the over-the-shoulder coat look is so in right now, here nicely draped over a classic all black number. On the right we’ve got a fun, playful yet elegant jumpsuit finished with a wedge heel. We love this from all the angles!

Photo: Daniel Marks

12. Don’t shy away from a colourful print and a pencil skirt. We're also appreciating the held shawl accessory for a bit of added warmth on this outdoor ReMastered occasion. This pair beautifully complement each other with floral prints (both sporting healthy amounts of red) - a white pant on one, white top on the other. Delightful! #twinningbutnot

Photo: Daniel Marks

And finally, your accessories. Don’t neglect the power of a good accessory to really take an outfit to the next level. Shoes, bags, earrings, neckwear, socks, ties and bowties all help to express your personality. Come as your fabulous best!


Polish up for our ReMastered Season Opening Gala on Sat Feb 2 at the Festival Theatre. Tickets $75 and include the concert and post-concert event (and, all your bubbles, beer, eats and entertainment). Get yours here.


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