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Monday, November 12, 2018 4:43pm

A Musical Christmas Gift Guide


Don't give your loved ones something disposable this Christmas, give them an experience to remember.

And what's a better experience than one you already know and trust: the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. 

Here are the concerts we know will bring a smile to faces of your...

Unattainably cool younger cousin

A little more low-key than a Masters concert, Gigs at Grainger 1: Now Meets Now with Adelaide jazz-artist Ross McHenry is an easy introduction to symphony with a modern twist. For this concert in particular, we take the wildly talented and highly respected local Ross McHenry and infuse his music with the magic of an orchestra. If you're curious about Ross, listen to some of his music here.

Curious-minded grandkids

Think back to when you were 8... did you know what a conductor actually did? Surely they were just dancing on their own mini stage? Who Needs A Conductor, Anyway? is a family show that walks through the role of a conductor - both extremely fun and thoroughly educational!

Beautiful, generous Mum

Perhaps your mum is the type to cook the family's special meals from a hard-back cook book, grow her own carrots, and buy groceries from the local farmer's market. If so, Classics Unwrapped 1: Food Glorious Food with Special Guest Maggie Beer will be a treat! This concert is all about nourishment... not just for the body, but also the soul.

Movie-buff Dad

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in Concert on a huge screen at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre will no doubt thrill any movie buff, but especially your dad. Buy yourself a ticket too and enjoy the sweet sound of your dad recounting his most treasured memories of seeing Star Wars with his mates way back when (and the 75 piece orchestra!).

The in-laws (who you'd really like to impress)

They say the best way to someone's heart is through the music they love most... right? They should say that. Take the in-laws out to a nice dinner before you see Let's Go Crazy: A Symphonic Tribute to Prince and watch the love pour in like purple rain.

Your kind-hearted grandparents

Last Night of the Proms is a classic, and one that is sure to be appreciated by the grandparents. With all the music they know and love, the enigmatic Guy Noble entertaining on the conductor's podium, and the fan-fare of a British wedding (well, maybe not quite that level), a ticket to this is the promise of a fun, memorable night.

Didn't see anything that fit your rellies? Have a look at the full program, or just get them a gift voucher!

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