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Friday, June 15, 2018 2:23pm

A Graceful Partnership


In June this year the ASO welcomed back Grace Clifford for her first official performance as our inaugural Emerging Artist in Association.

Grace first performed with the ASO in 2014 at the ABC Symphony Australian Young Performer of the Year, when she took out the first prize as well as the Best Recital, Best Chamber Music Performance and the People’s Choice Award.

Grace said of that experience, “I remember just being overwhelmed by how supportive the musicians were, and the feeling onstage that there is a spontaneity – that every musician in the orchestra is listening and reacting in the moment.

She returned to Adelaide in 2016 to perform the Sibelius Violin Concerto. In the audience were Angelique and Michael Boileau, who were blown away by the 17 year old violinist.

When Grace was appointed as the ASO’s Emerging Artist in Association for the 2018-19 seasons, Angelique and Michael immediately offered to support her position.

Michael and I just thought how exciting it would be to know that we are helping someone with so much God-given talent to actually rise and really get to the top.

Having partnered with the ASO for over 15 years through their business Boileau Business Technology, the support for Grace is a personal donation from the Boileaus and testament to their love of music and a passion for supporting emerging talent.

Her talent and dedication at such a young age is inspirational. We hope that our donation to support her work here in Adelaide will inspire new audiences to connect with this wonderful art form.

Grace in turn is delighted by the appointment with the ASO.

I’m so excited to work with them again, and it really feels like a huge privilege and I know that I’ll learn as much as I have from the previous times.

On 1-2 June Grace performed in the ASO’s Master Series 3 concert, Grace & Grandeur, with ASO Principal Guest Conductor Mark Wigglesworth. The concert received positive reviews and Grace’s performance of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto was particularly praised.

Limelight referred to Grace as “one of Australia’s finest young violinists… the secret was in her sound – from the opening, that famous upsurge of the first theme, there was a silkiness to Clifford’s every note. Even extroverted double-stop passages were somehow gilded with lyricism, made shining by this smooth, polished sound.”

Grace Pictured with Angelique Boileau

Grace will return to Adelaide in 2019 to perform with the ASO again and we are grateful to Angelique and Michael Boileau for their special contribution.

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