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Name: Amelie Zacharia Henley

Dance style: Classical and Contemporary Dance

What are you most looking forward to about the Appalachian Spring Project?

I am looking forward to rehearsing and performing with live music. This is unlike anything I’ve done before and I can't wait to embracing this amazing opportunity!

What do you hope to get out of taking part in this performance project?

I'm hoping I learn how to work in a different environment with other dancers and musicians. I hope to use this experience to work on developing my artistry.

How do you see that it will improve your dance?

I hope this experience will improve my musicality, and want to develop my connection between music and my dance expression. It is also a great opportunity to dance to a creative re-imagining of Copland's beautiful Appalachian Spring ballet music.

How valuable is this experience for you as a young artist?

I think any performance opportunity is a valuable experience. This is particularly exciting as it is providing a different atmosphere and environment than any other opportunity I've had in the past!

See Amelie bring to life a new choreography in our Appalachian Spring Project Concert on Thu 18 Apr, 7pm at Elder Hall. Buy your tickets here. 

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