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Tuesday, October 16, 2018 11:21am

Get to know Champion The Boy


Local music maker, Champion The Boy (AKA Ira Gontcharov), will be playing for us at the next ReMastered party. We caught up with her for a chat. Get to know her before you buy your tickets!

ASO: Tell us about your musical background.

Ira: As a teenager I grew up playing in pop-punk bands. Through learning how to record my own demos, I found myself interested in incorporating synths and more electronic elements. I loved the parallel mix of freedom and control I found in having so many different ways of creating music. 

How did the name "Champion The Boy" come about?

I overheard it in conversation and it stuck in my head for a while. It plays into the idea of toxic masculinity being a product of young boys not being given the opportunity to express their emotions without being shamed.

Can you describe your sound in 3 words?

Warm, wobbly and boppin'.

When making music, what are you most obsessive about?

I love collecting different sounds and samples. Hours can go by of just piecing and mixing sounds together. The possibilities are endless. Especially when you have full control of your project, and there's really no right or wrong, so i'm often still up at 3am tweaking that one damn snare - or do I want it to be a tight punchy clap??? 

What can people expect from your performance at ReMastered?

Laughter, sadness, joy, frustration – plus a range of other human emotions! Accompanied by toe tappin' beats to boot. 

What goes on in your mind when on stage?

Breathe with diaphragm. Dang, I'm thirsty but my hands are shaking too much to hold the glass. Please don't crash, Ableton. Did anyone notice I forgot the words and re-sang the first verse? I am lucky to have amazing friends. 

What is the record you've listened to the most in your whole life?

Snakes On A Plane Soundtrack

What classical instrument/s would you incorporate into your music?

I've seen videos of people using these giant hammer mallets as percussion? Whamming them on these big wooden blocks. They literally look like Thor. That would be pretty sick.
I would also definitely get around some trumpets. 

Are you excited to play at ReMastered?

Very! What a dang cool, unique and exciting opportunity!

Listen to Champion The Boy

ReMastered: Firebird
Fri 2 Nov, 8pm

Tickets $75
- Includes concert & post-concert event/
- All drinks, food and entertainment at the post-concert event are included in your ticket.

To learn more or buy tickets to ReMastered, click here

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