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Wednesday, May 30, 2018 3:35pm

Kate Ceberano talks Disco

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Ahead of the upcoming The Studio: 54 Reasons to Party, we asked Kate Ceberano what Disco tracks hold great memories for her and we think you will love turning back the clock and listening to these tracks. They might even inspire you to practice your dance moves before the concert. 

You Make Me Feel Mighty Real - Sylvester| “I was standing on a dance floor in the bloom of my adolescent high, thinking that if I made someone feel mighty real, then I might be just the coolest thing that ever came out of North Balwyn”


I want your love - Chic | “when I first auditioned for the band ‘I’m Talking’, I had this album on repeat and I auditioned with the track: ‘Last Night a Dj Saved my Life,’ but I really wanted to perform ‘I Want Your Love.’


Ring my bell – Anita Bell | “I remember dancing out in the pool room of my girlfriends house - and dreaming of what it might feel to be old enough to go to the disco like her older sister did and dance around my handbag and look provocatively from under my eyelashes to someone who looks like John Travolta...problem was I was so short-sighted I wouldn’t have noticed if it was him or not”


Knock on Wood – Amii Stewart | “very salacious; you could see at the end of the clip when she raised her hand just the slightest nipple and we all took great delight when watching Count Down and going: “do you see it!? See, I told you!”


I feel love – Donna Summer | “the libertine spirit in me answers to this like a call to the wild. This song leaves me howling to the moon and desperate for more...more...MORE!”

Kate Ceberano will be performing with the amazing Doug Parkinson, Amy Lehpamer and Nathaniel Willemse at the upcoming The Studio: 54 Reasons to Party, lock in your seats for the best disco in town in full symphonic sound. 

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