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Thursday, August 23, 2018 10:36am

The Dogs of ASO

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They say there's no better friend than a dog... so, logic says that there is no better friend to ASO than the dogs of ASO. Does that not sound right? In celebration of National Dog Day, which is this Sunday August 26, we meet the some of our staff and players' best pals (puppers galore!).


Pet Parent: Bruce Stewart, Orchestral Librarian

How your dog got her name: Chloe is a rescue dog and her name came with her. From Wikipedia: “Chloe is a feminine name meaning 'blooming' or 'fertility'. The name comes from the Greek χλόη (khlóē), one of the many names of the Greek goddess Demeter, and refers to the young, green foliage or shoots of plants.”

Age: Chloe is about 18 months old

Breed: I am told she is a Jack Russell cross. When people ask what she is crossed with I say “I think she is crossed with Meerkat” because she often sits like this:

Favorite game to play together: She loves chest rubs, and if she can’t get me to do it she will often go “carpet surfing,” pushing herself along with her back legs while her front legs are flopped by her side. 

Favorite place to play: She loves the dog park in the South Parklands and plays chasey with other dogs both big and small. She will chase and collect balls and sticks but she hasn’t worked out yet that giving them back to me to throw again might be even more fun (or maybe she has and just takes pleasure in denying me possession of the ball!!).


Pet Parent: Lisa Gill, Flute

How your dog got his name: His name is Dusty, as in ‘Slim’ Dusty because of his breed!

Age: Almost 2 years old

Breed: Whippet

Favorite game to play together: Tug of War with his stuffed toys or fetch with his ‘hippo’

Favorite place to play: The dog park (with anyone and everyone!!)

Most loveable thing your dog does: When invited he loves to give me a ‘hug’ by standing on his back legs only & placing his front paws on my shoulders.
Most quirky thing your dog does: When I’m in the kitchen he’ll poke his nose between my knees in hope that I’ll give him some food...it works! 😉


Pet Parent: Greg Rush, Percussion

How your dog got her name: Her name is Tsuna which is Japanese for "Bond". I was looking for a name with a "Ts, Tz" beginning so I could "tsk, tsk" as I was walking her to keep her attention. My wife liked the name, called it, and the new puppy came running. She responded immediately (on day one) and has responded every time since.

Age: 6

Breed: Australian Kelpie

Favorite game to play together: Ball retrieving - over and over and over and over over and over...

Favorite place to play: She only likes to play in two places, inside and outside

Most lovable (or quirky) thing your dog does: Every time I go to bed she leaps up, throws her "arms" around my neck and presses her face against mine. This hug press lasts for several minutes and she does it 3 or 4 times every evening. If she's excited she likes to wash the top of my bald head then goes back to the hug.


Pet Parent: Dan, Artistic Liaison

How your dog got his name: Ellie got her name from my younger brother’s knack for knowing what pets should be called. 13 years later and it still fits!

Age: 13

Breed: Border Collie

Favorite game to play together: She’s a very vicious attack dog (read: idiot cuddle monster), and loves both perennial classics like “tug of war” and innovations of her own like “pretend to fall in the disgusting lake at the end of a walk”.

Favorite place to play: The park! But now she’s an old girl, she’s more indoorsy 

Most lovable (or quirky) thing your dog does: Ellie was the runt of her litter, and also not exactly a towering intellect. When I was growing up, my mum threw a party which involved hanging streamers from the ceiling. Ellie had not realised before that point that the ceiling existed, and crawled on her belly for a full day. To this day she still regards ceilings suspiciously, but she manages to forget very quickly thankfully. 


Pet Parent: Mitch Berick, Bass Clarinet

How your dog got his name: He’s named Baxter after the dog in the movie Anchorman. Plus, he’s a Boston Terrier, so I thought a name starting with a B would be good.

Age: 2

Breed: Boston Terrier

Favorite game to play together: Fetch/tug-of-war

Favorite place to play: In the front yard

Most lovable (or quirky) thing your dog does: Bites Dean Newcomb [Principal Clarinet]! Just kidding, that only happened one time. He’s the most quirky dog I’ve ever met, he has endless energy. My favourite thing about him is just how high he can jump for a tiny dog (he’s 3.5 kilograms). He’s like a little springbok! He also has an Instagram - have a look!

BONUS - Odin the Cat

Odin is just as cute as our fluffy doggos and deserves an honorary mention (especially because he's walked on a leash!)

Pet Parent: Alex Bassett, Donor Relations Manager

How your cat got his name: Odin was adopted from the RSPCA and came with the name – it suits him!

Age: 8

Breed: Domestic medium hair

Favourite game to play together: I bring home cardboard boxes and he squeezes into them, whatever the size.

Favourite place to play: The neighbour’s backyard, on top of the neighbour’s car and inside the neighbour’s kitchen if they leave the door open.

Most lovable (or quirky) thing your cat does: Odin loves going for walks on his leash and teasing the other pets on the block. Odin also has his own Instagram page - have a look!

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