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Ethan (in year 4 and studies music at school, where it’s his favourite subject) was one of the participants and he worked with Associate Principal Cello, Ewen Bramble. After the event, we took a moment to ask him about the experience.

What is your connection with the ASO?
My mum is a music teacher and she loves music.

Do you practice everyday? What motivates you to practice?
Not every day but I try to practice 5 days a week.  Having a performance coming up helps me to practice.

How did you feel about playing with an ASO player sitting next to you?
I felt really comfortable and special.

What did you learn from playing next to him?
I learnt that I need to work harder on my bowing so that we don’t crash bows.

Have you played in any other orchestra before?
I have played in string ensembles but not a full orchestra before. I found The Big Rehearsal was much louder than string ensembles.

Have you attended any Big Rehearsals before? If you have, how did you feel 2017's Big Rehearsal was different from the previous ones?
Yes I did the 2016 Big Rehearsal.  It was different because we had the full orchestra and I liked having the harp in because I like the sound of a harp. 

What was your favourite piece of music from Big Rehearsal 2017? Why?
I loved Radetzky March because it had a nice boppy beat and I also memorized this one.

If you were to attend another Big Rehearsal in the future, what music would you love to learn and play with ASO?
More “boppy” music or even O Fortuna from Carmina Burana because it is one of my favourite classical pieces.

Did you have fun?
Yes.  I loved the opportunity to sit next to an ASO player.

Do you want to pursue orchestral music in the future?
Yes, because I like music and I hope to get into Brighton High School or other really musical schools.

Have you ever attended an ASO concert? When was the first time you came to an ASO concert and did you enjoy it?
The first one was a Disney Pixar concert a few years ago when I was much younger.  I did enjoy it.

Do you have any musical heroes? Who/Why?
Brian Gilbertson because he is my musical singing teacher.  Kate Ceberano, Jessica Mauboy, Tania Doko, because I sang with them in Sydney on Australia Day 2016.  John Foreman because he invited me to the big event to sing and I got to play a few instruments in his orchestra.

Catch Ewen Bramble performing in our upcoming concerts over the next week, Of Knights & Legends and Classics Unwrapped 3: Home

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