Schools Booking Information

Bookings can be made online for Instant Confirmed Bookings, with payment by credit card at checkout, or for Invoiced Bookings, for confirmation and payment by invoice.


To complete an Instant Confirmed Booking, select the appropriate student and teacher ticket numbers.


To complete an Invoiced Booking, select the appropriate number of student tickets preceded by INVOICED, and carry on to checkout (no payment will be required on checkout). ASO will generate an invoice, with appropriate complimentary ticket ratios. For booking made in 2017, invoices must be paid by Friday 23 February 2018. For all other bookings, invoices must be paid within 14 days of receipt of invoice.


Please note, no refunds / reductions of numbers once invoice has been sent. Additional tickets may be purchased subject to availability.


For more information or assistance, call ASO Customer Service Manager on 08 8233 6243.