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April 2019

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Come & Play

Ever dreamed of playing in the ASO? Well, now is your opportunity! Come & Play provides an ... More info.

Sat 6 Apr 1:30pm
Grainger Studio

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The Bush Concert

SCHOOL INCURSION   A tale about community, adversity and inclusion – The Bush ... More info.

Wed 10 Apr 9:30am
Wed 10 Apr 1:30pm
Thu 11 Apr 9:30am
Thu 11 Apr 1:30pm
Fri 12 Apr 9:30am
Fri 12 Apr 1:30pm
Various schools


Appalachian Spring Project

Creativity is at the heart of music, and the process of creation is an empowering skill for young people. ... More info.

Sat 13 Apr 9:00am
Sun 14 Apr 9:30am
Mon 15 Apr 9:30am
Tue 16 Apr 9:30am
Wed 17 Apr 9:30am
Thu 18 Apr 9:30am

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Appalachian Spring Project Concert.jpg
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Orchestra Fantastica!

Explore the instruments of the orchestra in this engaging performance for young people. Presenter Peter Duggan and 12 ASO musicians ... More info.

Tue 23 Apr 9:00am
Wed 24 Apr 9:00am

May 2019

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