Season 2020

Breathtaking masterpieces, spine-tingling film scores, thrilling soloists and unique collaborations, in 2020 we warmly invite you to ‘create a space for music’.

Welcome to an incredibly rich and varied season that presents inspirational artists and conductors from across the globe. Celebrating excellence and innovation in glorious classical concerts, this season spans genres that deliver something of appeal to everyone.

In our season preview video, ASO players and staff, visiting conductors and Australian composers delve into their personal reasons for loving music, while sharing an insight into the music we’ll be performing next year. It also touches on music in a deeper fashion; the way it moves us emotionally in ways not always easy to articulate.

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Subscriptions are on sale now! Showcasing stunning violin concertos, Russian masterworks full of passion and fire, as well as wunderkind performers with maturity far beyond their years. Hear your favourites, cross some off your bucket list, and take a chance with works perhaps less familiar but no less enthralling.

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Direct from the artists, players, conductors and composers to you! Read conversations with visiting artists and gain valuable insights into the inner-workings of the ASO.

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Mozart at Elder Four

Matinee Concerts

Mozart at Elder Four

Elder Hall

Wed 2 Dec 2020

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Mozart at Elder Four

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Recording courtesy of ABC Classic

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