Annual Reports and Governance

Annual Financial Reports


Constitution and Objects


The objects for which the Company is established are:
(a) To promote, encourage and produce and join in promoting, encouraging and producing orchestral music through the ASO and other forms of entertainment consistent with the ASO's artistic standing and role.
(b) To acknowledge the ASO as a community icon and to foster community involvement in the development and activities of the ASO.
(c) To advance the work and profile of the ASO in the Australian and international orchestral music communities as one of Australia's major symphony orchestras, including through concert performances, touring, recording, broadcasting, fundraising and obtaining sponsorship.
(d) To develop and maintain widely-based audiences for the performance of orchestral music.
(e) To facilitate the provision of rewarding employment and career development opportunities for talented Australian musicians and administrative staff and high calibre international musicians.
(f) To promote the public benefit derived from the maintenance of a symphony orchestra recognised internationally for its high quality.
(g) To encourage the participation of young people in the orchestral music art form through the provision of music education programs, young performers and young artists programs and other musical appreciation activities.
(h) To actively promote, initiate and commission, in the first instance, Australian musical composition and performance.
(i) To establish, promote, concur or assist in establishing, forming or promoting any other company, corporation or joint venture whose objects shall in any manner enhance either directly or indirectly the interests of the Company and to conduct and carry on or liquidate or wind up any such company, corporation or joint venture and to take or otherwise acquire and hold shares, securities or any other interest in, and to guarantee payment of any obligations of, any such company, corporation or joint venture.