Airan Berg shares his insight into the magic created by bringing communities together

22 Feb 2024
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by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Airan Berg shares his insight into the magic created by bringing communities together

As Floods of Fire approaches for 2024 Airan Berg, the Artistic Director for the project, has shared some insight into the magic created by bringing communities together.

Floods of Fire connects South Australia’s diverse cultural narratives of creation to our natural world and extreme weather events. It represents one of the largest collaborations in the history of South Australia, involving citizens, visitors, artists, scientists, communities, and partner organisations. The weekend consists of three distinct events open to all: Our Voices, Our Dreams, Our Citizen’s Orchestra (both free events) on Saturday 16 March, and Our Celebration with Electric Fields & the ASO on Sunday 17 March.

How did Floods of Fire come about?

Floods of Fire was conceived through a long-term process initiated by the ASO. I was invited to speak about my vision of opening up the ASO and creating new relationships with local partners and the public in general. I was interested in finding a topic that connects people from all cultures living in SA. I quickly became interested in looking at the different creation stories and these led to conversations about creating works that reflected climate change, connection, and diversity.

What is the Floods of Fire Symphony?

After being discussed collectively with partners, the ASO commissioned the 8 short pieces for the Orchestra to perform together with musicians of different cultures and abilities to showcase the different voices of SA. It celebrates the strength and resilience of our communities, united in confronting the challenges of climate change.

Why are projects like this important now?

Projects like these are always important! In this case it is the urgency of Climate Change. So much has changed both in reality and atmospherically since we started the process. The process started in 2018 and will culminate in epic two days of events coming up this March!

Why is Floods of Fire important to you?

Designed as an exercise in collective survival, Floods of Fire brings together diverse voices and experiences, that need to be heard. It is important that we all learn to collaborate with people of different backgrounds and expertise to find solutions for today’s realities.

Additionally, I get to spend time in one of the most beautiful parts of the world with generous and wonderful people.

What is the most surprising thing you’ve learnt about community during the process of creating and delivering this project?

As I have been doing such large-scale participatory projects for 15 years now, I am always surprised at how easy it is to mobilize people for a good cause and how hungry people are to do things together and not feel helpless or alone in their struggles. It is a social and cultural utopia worth working for; It is by all and for all.

What would you like audience to take away with them?

The two days of presentations and concerts should be seen as the beginning of a new culture of collaboration and unexpected alliances that will allow the citizens of South Australia to resolve complex issues together, using the magic and beauty of art and culture as a driving force.

Led by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, presented in collaboration with Adelaide Festival, The University of Adelaide, and over 100 South Australian partner organisations.

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