Composer Hilary Kleinig shares her Floods of Fire experience

7 Mar 2024
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by Nicola Cann
Composer Hilary Kleinig shares her Floods of Fire experience

Composer Hilary Kleinig tells us about her experience working on the ASO’s Floods of Fire project and what her pieces of the Floods of Fire Symphony are all about.

Pictured: Maryam Rahmani, BortierOkoe, Hilary Kleinig & Zuhir Naji

How do you feel about being part of the Floods of Fire journey?

The Floods of Fire project has been such a joy to be a part of the last few years. This project is utterly unique and groundbreaking in the way that it has authentically captured and included voices and experiences that haven’t traditionally been celebrated in Western Classical Music. By actively seeking to include people with diverse cultural backgrounds, skills and stories this project tells the story of our people, of our time and what we think about the past and the future of our world.

What do you think the project demonstrates?

The Floods of Fire project exemplifies a model for civilization and democracy working at the highest level, in which all people are leaders, all voices are heard and celebrated, and we all work together for the greater good.

Can you share with us a little about the piece you have been working on with Tutti Arts?

Lullaby for the Earth is a composition written in collaboration with a choir from Tutti Arts through a series of creative workshops discussing the themes of ‘Floods and Fires’ and the personal experiences of the group. Lullaby… tells the story of the regeneration of the blackened earth after the desolation of fire, ‘miracles born out of tragedy’ and is a lullaby sung by Mother Earth for her baby, the world in which she sings ‘Hush my baby, don’t you cry. Everything is going to be alright’.

How was Rebirth created?

Rebirth is based on a famous folk song from northern Iran ‘Gole Pamchal’ (meaning primrose), in which the return of the beloved is likened to the emergence of spring flowers after a long winter. The piece was written through a series of collaborative creative workshops with musicians from Nexus Arts, in particular Maryam Rahmani, a santour player and singer who was born in Iran and is now Adelaide-based, who introduced us to this folk song.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Come and be a part of it – it is incredible!

See the premiere of Lullaby for the Earth and Rebirth as part of the Floods of Fire Symphony in Floods of Fires 3 – Our Celebration with Electric Fields & The ASO for one night only at Festival Theatre this March 17.

Led by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, presented in collaboration with Adelaide Festival, The University of Adelaide, and over 100 South Australian partner organisations.

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