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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 10:35am

An Awe Inspiring Season Launch

By Margot Holbert

margot hobert elliette kirkbride adelaide symphony orchestra advocates
Margot Holbert (left) and Elliette Kirkbride (right)

On the somewhat chilly evening of the 24th of August, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra dazzled an audience eager for a taste of a new and exciting season. At the beginning of the year, being a student at the University of Adelaide, I signed up to volunteer as an Advocate for the ASO. This season launch, as most ASO events throughout 2017 have done, completely reiterated for me, the reasons why I joined this fantastic cause. At the entrance to the Town Hall I greeted concert goers donned in their warmest winter wear and directed them upstairs. Within the hall, coloured lights illuminated towering columns and decorated capitals and, of course, that beautiful organ, reaching the entire height of the Town Hall. Musicians filled the stage in a wide sweep, and soon the hum of excited conversation from the audience died down in anticipation of the music to come.

adelaide symphony orchestra managing director vincent ciccarello season 2018 launch
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Managing Director, Vincent Ciccarello, kicks off proceedings

After the orchestra and conductor were introduced the music commenced. This season launch was a fantastic showcase of the performances and collaborations to come for 2018, but also an interesting insight into the people involved in the magic of the ASO. Watching the orchestra perform is always so inspiring and this event was no exception. The majesty of the live symphony orchestra is like nothing else, and the new season so thrilling, I can hardly wait for 2018! The Australian Premiere of the new opera of Hamlet, the Showcase event for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets™ and Saint-Saens’s magnificent Organ Symphony will definitely be highlights for me. But then I can’t really stop there. With composers like Rachmaninov, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, Bernstein, and even George Michael, I can safely say that next year will be a fantastic one for the ASO and all its concert goers.

dane lam conductor adelaide symphony orchestra season 2018 launch
Conductor Dane Lam and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra perform during the Season 2018 launch

The symphony orchestra performed pieces from some of its coming concerts and it was truly awe inspiring. Especially seeing the wonderful Town Hall Organ in action with its bright, booming sounds. Finishing the evening with a triumphant excerpt from the soundtrack to Star Wars: A New Hope, complete with the surprise of a creepily tall Darth Vader and an armed formation of Storm Troopers, I honestly had a terrific night, as did the rest of the audience I am sure. Though this year is hardly over and there are so many wonderful concerts yet to come in the 2017 season, I can definitely say that I am extremely excited for 2018; a year of wondrous and inspiring music from our very special Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

star wars adelaide symphony orchestra season launch blog margot holbert














Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers of the 501st Legion made an appearance


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