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Tuesday, October 03, 2017 10:59am

Five minutes with Trevor Ashley

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What do you enjoy most about performing the show?
To be honest, the music. Getting to hear these songs live is utterly extraordinary. To sing them is sublime. I love nothing more than belting these out!  


How has the show progressed since it first premiered in Sydney?
The first time we did the State Theatre in Sydney in 2012... that was with a 14 piece orchestra. Since then I rewrote the show, we expanded the orchestration and now, in Adelaide, it will be with a fabulous 42 piece! We also got to film the show live at the Sydney Opera House in February for Foxtel Arts.  

You are renowned as having a reputation as an international queen of cabaret, how do you cope with the pressure?
Hahaha well it's a burden, let's be honest. You can't imagine the media requests and fans mobbing my hotel rooms. Of course I let them in - I can't resist "an audience with!"  

                                      Trevor Ashley performing at the Sydney Opera House


Finish this sentence, performing is………..

My life. As in the song, This IS My Life. I couldn't imagine not doing it.  


You have performed at many Adelaide Cabaret Festivals in the past, what are you looking forward to most about returning to Adelaide?
I always love coming to Adelaide, it's one of my favourite cities. You have fantastic food and the wineries up the road! Also; the audiences are always fantastic and so excited and generous. I'm looking forward to that again.  


How do you prepare for show? Do you have any pre-show superstitions or routines that you adhere to?
This show is a massive sing so I go on vocal rest for at least 24 hours before the show to make sure I can give it my all! Apart from that it's just getting my makeup and hair on - which takes a while!  


What’s your favourite thing about performing with an orchestra?
I love hearing these orchestrations played with the energy and drama that they need to be. Bassey's song catalogue is very dramatic so I love to hear it played live behind me!


Do you have a favourite Shirley Bassey tale?
My favourite is when she was in a helicopter travelling back from performing at Glastonbury Festival and she desperately needed to visit the bathroom, so she made them land in a field and she showed up at some unsuspecting farmer's house and used the toilet. I think you'd get rather a shock opening your door to an incontinent Shirley Bassey.

                                    Trevor Ashley as Dame Shirley Bassey


Is there anything else you wish to add or say to encourage people to see you perform at the Diamonds are for Trevor?
It's a fabulous night out, with the best songs, and lots of laughs. You'll love it at any age!  


A taste of happens when Trevor Ashley transforms into one of his famous characters...

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