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Friday, January 12, 2018 8:16am

Five minutes with Andrew De Silva

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We were lucky enough to grab 5 minutes with Andrew De Silva to find out all things music for him. Read on to find out the most embarrassing song on his playlist and what his first live concert experience was. We can't wait to see Andrew in the 2018 concert George Michael: Listen to Your Heart

First album?
My parents would buy me 45’s (singles) as a 4 year old but my first full album was Stevie Wonder’s - songs in the key of love life.

All-time favourite album?
Prince’s Purple Rain. So many hits & iconic video clips also one of the greatest RocknRoll movies of all time.

First concert?
My Dad took me to a Santana concert when I was about 10. I just remember covering my ears because it was so loud!

Best concert?
So many to choose from - but one I’ve recently been watching is a George Michael unplugged special. Absolutely mind blowing how great his vocals are.

Lead singer/band member I’d like to be for a day?
“The Revolution “ -Prince’s band back in the 80’s. That band was about crossing boundaries in so many ways.

Most embarrassing song on my playlist?
Waiting for a star to fall by Boy meets girl. Sometimes we all need to an 80’s classic & dance around like Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-air” 

Current song I can’t get out of my head?
Praying for time by George Michael. It’s so haunting, beautiful & so relevant to the world we currently live in.

Song I want played at my funeral?
A song I wrote when I was at a real low point in my life. Although I could not have what I wanted, I realised I had everything I needed. The song is called Beautiful Things.

Finish this sentence?
Music is…pretty much all that I do. My work, my leisure, my pain & my pleasure.


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