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While growing up in the 90s my life was all about butterfly hairclips, the Spice Girls and Super Simpsons Saturdays. My brother and I loved the Simpsons so much that we had the Songs in the Key of Springfield album to tide us over between our weekly Simpsons viewings. I still know most of the songs by heart. It’s strange how memory works; I cannot remember my Dad’s phone number but I can sing without falter a rendition of Mr Burns’ See My Vest despite last hearing it fifteen years ago. Yet again, my brain surprises me while listening to Bernstein’s New York, New York. I hear the lyrics but my brain translates to Springfield, Springfield, it’s a helluva town! The school yard’s up and the shopping mall’s down…….

I have a feeling that despite my substitutions Bernstein would be happy with me. According to his daughter Jamie, Leonard Bernstein conveyed to audiences that it is OK to love all music. She says that his unsnobbery, silliness, passion for music and fun-loving nature is what made her father a great music educator, conductor, composer and performer. Leonard Bernstein had his own television show, Young People’s Concert, where he would explain classical music concepts using the pop songs of the time. So I would like to think that he would be OK with me enjoying his music through cartoon parody.

John Mauceri, who worked with Leonard Bernstein over 18 years, will be conducting ASO’s Bernstein On Stage!. I have no doubt that he will channel some of Bernstein’s fun and silliness for the performance. I hope that you will join me at Bernstein On Stage to hear the frivolous tunes of West Side Story, the beautiful Candide and of course my favourite Springfield, Springfield New York, New York!

Leonard Bernstein & John Mauceri circa 1973


5 Reasons to see Bernstein On Stage

  1. It is Bernstein’s 100th birthday this year and you don’t want to miss out on the global celebration.
  2. You will hear tunes from one of the most popular musicals of all time, West Side Story.
  3. Because you have already seen so much comedy during Mad March and it is time to do something different.
  4. John Mauceri is conducting the performance and he worked with Leonard Bernstein for 18 years so will definitely channel Bernstein’s fun-loving nature.
  5. If you get yourself a Live Pass you can get a ticket for you and a friend for free! (Live Pass available to full-time students)

Amanda Norelli

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