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Inspiring imagination and wonder

7 Nov 2022
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by Nicola Cann
Inspiring imagination and wonder

The ASO’s learning and family programs are not just about playing music for children. We want them to develop a curiosity about the orchestra, and a sense of wonder through the experience of live music, and to remove barriers to enable all children to participate. We are delighted to share some of the wonderful responses from our audience members, which show how the ASO is making an impact.


The seats hold anticipation
Stately door closes with a thud
Feet shuffle, ready for the journey
Lights dim, whispers turn to silence.

Orchestra stands as the maestro ascends.

My slumped boy; now alert, eyes wide.

“Mummy… that computer plays the music?
Like at school.”

“No darling, this is real… live music.”

His eyes pop, neck cranes forwards.

The drum gallops, cymbals race
Flute and harp, cascade on laps
Cello pounces over the audience
Violins scamper into the distance
Horn meanders down the aisle.

The stage is alive.
Audience in awe.
Filled with wonder.

Tanya Lehmann, 2022 ASO family concert attendee

Cost is always an issue for our students and families… It was an
honour to be offered free tickets for our disadvantaged group.
Our students, many of whom are new arrival refugees, found the
whole experience very stimulating – a collage of the unfamiliar
that created lots of discussion afterwards. So wonderful!

Adelaide Secondary School of English, Festival of Learning 2022

With thanks to our Learning Program partners

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